ISO 14993 Test

1. Salt mist conditions

a.) Temperature:35 °C ± 1 °C

b.) Salt solution pH:6.5 to 7.2;Salt concentration:50 g/L ± 5 g/L

2. “Dry” conditions (The air is purged under dry conditions.)

a.) Temperature:60 °C ± 1 °C

b.) Relative humidity:< 30 %

3. “Wet” conditions (Condensation on the test specimens shall not occur under wet conditions.)

a.) Temperature:50 °C ± 1 °C

b.) Relative humidity:> 95 %

4. Period and content of a single exposure cycle Total period 8 h, as follows: (These times include the time for reaching the specified temperature for each condition.)

a.) Salt mist spray:2 h

b.) “Dry” conditions:4 h

c.) “Wet” conditions:2 h

Time to reach the specified condition

(i.e. period taken for temperature and humidity to reach the specified values once the test condition has begun.)

1) Mist to “Dry” < 30 min

2) “Dry” to “Wet” < 15 min

3) “Wet” to Mist < 30 min

(Mist conditions are attained almost instantaneously once this condition begins.)

Angle at which test specimens are supported 20° ± 5° to the vertical

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