PJNCOAT extends corrosion resistance by over 2000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray testing. Even in DIN 50018-2 Kesternich testing, PJNCOAT exhibits acid resistance of over 30 cycles. Additionally, PJNCOAT has successfully passed rigorous testing including the NORDETEST-method NT NAT 003 C4 and ASTM G85 Annex-5 500 cycles.

Complies with various environmental requirements such as EU (RoHS, REACH), US (California Proposition 65, TSCA, PTFE), etc., ensuring comprehensive assurance and bringing significant competitive advantages to enterprises targeting high-end markets. 

Utilizing the characteristics of fully automated equipment, PJNCOAT combines paint with precise mixing, ensuring a fine and uniform coating in the crevices and corners of the workpiece, forming a continuous thin film. Furthermore, the thin coating technique provides lubrication to the surface, completely eliminating issues such as paint build-up, clogging, and drive speed testing. 

We have independently developed a complete coating series process (PJN Anti-coating), with sand blasting as the pre-treatment, zinc-aluminum used as the primer, and a mixed resin applied as the surface coating. This ensures fasteners are completely free from the risk of hydrogen embrittlement and can achieve high weather resistance testing of over 1500 hours and 15 cycles, meeting all market requirements.